September 6, 2017

Jeremy Oliver, who in his thirty-three years of professional wine writing has published 27 books and written thousands of articles, will publish his 28th book in 2017, but it’s not the title he has been best known for

After 19 editions of The Australian Wine Annual, Oliver has decided that the market now prefers to consume high-end wine information and opinion electronically, rather than in printed form. So it’s vale to this book, which has been consistently rated the fairest and most critical of the wine guides published in Australia, but welcome instead to the second edition of Jeremy Oliver’s Good Wine Guide

As Oliver explains: ‘The proliferation of reviews and opinions in the online space has made it hard for printed books to keep pace and remain relevant. That’s why I am now focusing on my website,, where subscribers receive regularly updated notes and reviews, rather than the one-time hit per year that books provide. So I’m redirecting the energy that went into The Australian Wine Annual towards my website, which I can update immediately after tasting a wine I want to comment about. For the real wine enthusiast, that is what it’s all about.

‘Last year saw the first edition of Jeremy Oliver’s Good Wine Guide, an annual book I am publishing with Woodslane. It’s a cross between an educational wine book and an annual buying guide, and it’s aimed at the would-be wine enthusiast who’s thirsty for basic knowledge and a range of recommendations. This guide even suggests wines for different occasions, such as BBQs, parties, sunsets and posh dining. Its readers are then welcome to graduate to the more detailed information at’

Oliver, who has published six books in Chinese, believes that Jeremy Oliver’s Good Wine Guide has a great future in the China market, where it will help encourage sales of Australian wine to the emerging middle classes. He is also currently engaged in two major online projects in China that will link consumers to Australian wine

You can visit Jeremy Oliver’s website at